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Welcome to the CCIB DNA Core at MGH!


Founded in 1995, the MGH DNA Core (now MGH CCIB DNA Core) is a well-established major research core laboratory within the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology of Massachusetts General Hospital Boston. Our state-of-the-art facility provides a wide range of high-quality, cutting-edge services (molecular biology, genomics and laboratory automation) and access to advanced instrumentation, methodologies and expertise. The majority of our clients are investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital and the greater Mass General Brigham research community. We also serve researchers from external academic and medical centers as well as investigators from industry throughout the United States and across the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to accelerate fundamental scientific discoveries that will improve human health. Our professional team is committed to helping investigators solve highly diverse biological and biomedical research questions by providing a diverse portfolio of state-of-the-art services, specialized expertise, detailed advice and support. We are constantly striving to advance research productivity by reliably generating the highest quality data with rapid turn-around time and competitive pricing, and by working with our customers on an individual basis to address and satisfy their specific research needs.

Research Services

The MGH CCIB DNA Core has a 20+ year proven track record for increasing research efficiency with trusted high-quality services at competitive rates. The facility serves as a One-Stop Shop with a diverse portfolio of solutions in molecular biology, genomics and laboratory automation.

Our Sanger DNA Sequencing division of the core laboratory functions both as a small-scale sequencing facility and a center for large-scale sequencing projects. It offers conventional Sanger DNA sequencing including various supporting services as well as DNA Fragment Analysis (Microsatellite / MLPA Analysis).

The core facility also offers specific Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications: The core team has developed a low-cost high-throughput approach for Complete Plasmid Sequencing, which combines massively parallel sequencing with automated plasmid assembly. This unique service was officially launched in September 2014. In March 2015, the core team added a second NGS application to its expanding portfolio of genomics solutions - a cost-effective, high-throughput strategy for identifying CRISPR/Cas-induced mutations via deep sequencing of PCR amplicons, CRISPR Amplicon Sequencing. The next two specialized NGS applications, Complete Amplicon Sequencing and Viral Genome Sequencing, were launched in August 2017 and 16S Sequencing, was launched in 2021. The most recently added specialized application, Rapid Plasmid Sequencing, was launched in 2022.

Our Laboratory Automation group has been designed as a flexible entity within the MGH CCIB DNA Core to extend the benefits of laboratory automation to a diverse user group and to assist in the execution of a variety of molecular biology projects that require large-scale robotics support. The group offers standard and custom high-throughput sample processing services, including protocol development, for various molecular biology and genomics applications.
Current standard services of the automation group include Mouse Genotyping, cDNA and siRNA library screening, and 96-well plasmid DNA preparation. Custom services include but are not limited to RNA and cDNA preparation, cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, protein expression, and custom PCR assays.


In addition to providing the currently existing services for the research community, all three divisions of the MGH CCIB DNA Core are continuously engaged in the evaluation of new service options, in the development and implementation of new services, and in the optimization of current technologies and services.

Customer Base

The CCIB DNA Core Facility has a well-established client base, which is continuously growing. Currently, the core is working with more than 800 researchers within the Mass General Brigham research community as well as with about 500 external customers from academic and medical organizations and from biotech industry. Expanding our knowledge of the field, proactively developing new and unique service applications in specific key areas, knowledge sustained by experience, and fostering new relationships are major factors for driving new clients to our core facility.

A Brief History

In 1995, the current DNA Sequencing unit of the MGH CCIB DNA Core was established as an autonomous core facility (the MGH Sequencing Core) within the Department of Molecular Biology at MGH and has been continuously operating since. A separate independent core, the DNA Synthesis Core, was added in the year 1996. In 2003, both cores moved into the newly formed Center for Computational & Integrative Biology (CCIB). In 2009, CCIB launched the Laboratory Automation Core. One year later (2010), all original cores were merged into a single core facility, the MGH CCIB DNA Core.


John Darga
Core Director
Phone: 617-726-0070

Brian Seed, Ph.D.
Faculty Director
Phone: 617-726-5975