Bacterial Colony Picking & Archiving


Our well-trained technologists of the Laboratory Automation team will organize the clones of your library. Equipped with a Hudson RapidPick Complete Workstation, we offer automated colony picking and archiving, library re-arraying and library duplication services.

Customized options are available for your specific research needs as follows:

  • Using a frozen glycerol cell stock (provided by the user), the Automation group will plate and pick colonies into medium-containing 96- or 384-well plates for further growth.
  • Colonies grown on agar plates (provided by the user) will be transferred directly from solid to liquid medium for further growth.
  • Bacterial cultures can be archived as glycerol stocks (in duplicate if needed). Clones from archived libraries can be cherry-picked and rearrayed.
  • Bacterial cultures can be directly picked up by user (spun down if needed).
  • Bacterial culture plates (96-well format) can be spun down and stored at our facility for further processing (stand-alone 96-well Plasmid Preparation or Plasmid Preparation followed by DNA Sequencing).

Prior to Submission:
Cell stocks should be titrated and diluted to the concentration as specified by our team to ensure proper plating.
Growth plates should be submitted according to our specifications (cell density, colony size) to achieve the highest robot picking accuracy.

We are happy to answer your questions and to provide more details about our custom service options. Please contact us for a free consultation, including scheduling and protocol approval, for submission details, and/or for a free cost estimate.