96-Well Plasmid DNA Preparation: Results


Orders are usually processed within 24 hours upon receipt of the samples. Please note that our service turnaround time may slightly vary depending on the total number of plates submitted to the daily service queue. Upon order completion, users will immediately receive an email notification.

Plasmid DNA Volume:

In the last step of the purification process, the plasmid DNA is eluted in 5 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.5 into a V-bottom polystyrene plate. From each well, a small aliquot of purified plasmid DNA is used to determine the DNA concentration. The volume of plasmid DNA solution remaining in each well is approximately 45 ul. If the 96-Well Plasmid DNA Preparation PLUS Sequencing option was ordered, a second aliquot will be removed from each well of the plate (with the exception of well H12) and handed over to the Sequencing group. In this case, the remaining volume of plasmid DNA solution in each well is approximately 30 ul.

Plasmid DNA Concentration:

Plasmid DNA yield might vary depending on plasmid copy number, E. coli host, and growth conditions (growth medium, incubation time, aeration). For high-copy-number plasmids, yields up to 5-7 ug can be expected if optimal growth conditions and host strain have been selected.

Plasmid Material & Data Return:

Purified Plasmid DNAs are provided in a sealed V-bottom polystyrene plate and are usually returned within 24-48 hours upon sample receipt. Combined Plasmid Prep PLUS Sequencing orders require at least one additional business day to be completed. A file with the quantitation data (OD260, OD280, 260/280, DNA concentration) will be attached to the corresponding service completion notification email.

Please note: We recommend that your retrieve your plasmid DNA preparations as soon as possible. We will discard preps after approximately four weeks if they have not been picked

Sample Pick-Up Locations:

Purified Plasmid DNAs can be either picked up at the same remote drop-off location you have used to submit your original samples or directly at our facility (unless specified otherwise). Please see here for details.

Please contact us or leave a note with your submission sheet if you wish to pick-up your order directly at our core facility.