Complete Plasmid Sequencing

In collaboration with Dr. Brian Seed and researchers from his group at the CCIB, our team has developed a low-cost high-throughput approach for complete plasmid sequencing using Next-Generation sequencing technology in combination with automated sequence assembly.
Provided by members of our experienced Sequencing and Automation teams, our new service offers many advantages over conventional primer walking, including deep sequencing coverage and highest possible data quality at the lowest cost.

We are offering this service on a weekly basis.
Start of Next Service Cycle:

Samples must be received at the core facility no later than 4 pm on Wednesday, . If you are using one of our dropbox locations for sample delivery, please place the order in the cooler by Wednesday mid-morning to ensure timely delivery. If you should miss the deadline or if the total customer order volume exceeds our current production capacity, your samples will be entered into the queue and processed in the subsequent run. Results for all samples processed in our weekly run will be available within 5 to 8 business days after the start of the service cycle.

Service Features

  •  Complete characterization of unknown plasmids
  •  Complete validation of known plasmids
  •  Highly sensitive detection of contaminating DNA sequences
  •  No reference sequence required
  •  Independent of sequencing primers
  •  Cost-effective high-throughput sequencing
  •  Sample multiplexing using validated indices
  •  Fast turnaround time


For detailed sample preparation and submission requirements, please visit our Sample Submission Guidelines.

Our Complete Plasmid Sequencing approach is also feasible for full-length sequencing of PCR amplicons and restriction fragments (Complete Amplicon Sequencing) as well as for Viral Genome Sequencing.

Please contact us to discuss your specific project needs.