Laboratory Automation


As the need for high-throughput research efforts grows at MGH and the Partners Healthcare system as a whole, the demand for laboratory automation solutions increases. To meet this demand, our Laboratory Automation unit has been designed as a flexible entity within the CCIB DNA Core to extend the benefits of laboratory automation to a diverse user group by providing standard and custom medium- to high-throughput sample processing services for various molecular biology and genomics applications.

The unique capabilities of our experienced team can transform your lab work:

  • We provide resources and expertise to assist in executing routine laboratory procedures and in conducting a diverse range of research projects that require large-scale robotics.

  • We demonstrate proficiency in special automation design and implementation.

  • We are capable of meeting the increased demand for flexibility and convertibility of procedures/processes to help our clients in developing new or modified methods appropriate to their research needs.

  • We can set up custom screening, fluid handling, colony picking, and sample preparation services as well as other tailored automated solutions to meet your evolving research needs.

Our Automation Service Portfolio includes:

To learn more about each individual service, please refer to the appropriate link.


Major Benefits of Laboratory Automation:
  • Increased throughput/productivity
  • Improved process robustness
  • Increased consistency of output
  • Elevated experimental data quality
  • Reduced tedious and expensive human intervention
  • More creative time for individual researchers
  • Enabling experimentation that otherwise would be impossible