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External Researchers: Payment Options


All of our services are open also to external investigators from both academic/medical institutions and commercial enterprises. The external user fee comprises the direct fee charged to the internal user plus an overhead component. External users are identified as investigators (MGB-affiliated or non-MGB-affiliated) and institutions that use non-MGB funds to pay for research core services. Invoices are generated and issued monthly upon the completion of the order(s). All orders from a given month will appear on the same invoice.

For core users with an external (non-MGB) account, we offer three options for payment:

  1. Credit Card Payment
    Once the invoice has been received, please call 617-726-7901 to provide your credit card information. An electronic receipt will be sent after the transaction has been processed successfully.

  2. Sending Checks
    Checks made payable to Massachusetts General Hospital can be mailed to:
    Mass General Brigham
    c/o Research Cores Analyst
    399 Revolution Drive, Suite 750
    Somerville, MA 02145

    Please include our name (MGH CCIB DNA Core), our fund number (216338), your PI's name, and your invoice number on your check. You may also want to include a copy of your invoice.

  3. Wire Transfer
    Bank details will be provided upon request. Please inquire at or call 617-726-7901.