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Registration for External (non-MGB) Users

Registration for non-MGB users is a two step process.

  • Step 1: Create a MGH CCIB DNA Core billing account.
    All billing information will be added to the MGH CCIB DNA Core database and associated with a fund number which you will use each time you place an order. You must include an account billing manager who will be responsible for processing monthly invoices and can address any billing questions. He/she does not have to be the lab PI or department head. More than one user can use the same billing account if the billing information is the same, but each should create his/her own user account.
  • Step 2: Create your individual user account.
    To ensure privacy and prevent others from accessing your data, do not share your password with anyone else.
Step 1. Create an External Billing Account

If you already have a DNA CCIB Core Billing Fund #. you can move to Step 2 directly.

PO number: Description:
* PI First Name: * Billing Code:
* PI Last Name:
* PI Email: * Billing Address:
* Account Manager's
* Account Manager's
* Account Manager's
(All invoices will be sent electronically to the following email.)
* Account Billing Manager's
Sorry about this, but I have to ask you to answer the following question to stop spam.
* Please reverse complement the following sequence: ATCG
* Required field
Step 2. Register

Fund Information

You must have a MGH CCIB DNA Core fund number to register with us. If you have not set up a fund number for your lab yet, please go to step 1 first.

*External Fund # -

Username and Password

*Choose Your UserName: (5-12 characters)
*Choose Your Password: (6-16 characters case-sensitive, no spaces)
*Re-type Your Password:
*Email Address:

General Information

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Phone Number:
* Required field
You may optionally provide your address as well.


You may provide your address if you want. You can always add or edit it after you have registered. It is recommended to provide your address if you ever plan to have materials shipped to you.
Address, line 1:
Address, line 2:
State or Province: