Next-Generation Sequencing

Due to the increased demand for a rapid and cost-effective generation of larger amounts of highly accurate data, the MGH CCIB DNA Core now provides massively parallel "next-generation" sequencing (NGS) services for several focused applications. Sequencing is performed on one of the leading sequencing platforms, the Illumina MiSeq, utilizing V2 chemistry. Our data systems are integrated with the Mass General Brigham ERISOne Linux Cluster. We work closely with CCIB's bioinformatics specialists who develop novel tools and algorithms, analyze NGS data, and consult.

To learn more about each NGS application and/or to submit an order, please refer to the appropriate link.

Features & Benefits:
  •  Highest quality and highest coverage at lowest cost
  •  Comprehensive services include automated sample (library) preparation, sequencing (Illumina MiSeq), data processing, and bioinformatics analysis
  •  Stringent quality control analysis throughout the entire NGS workflow
  •  Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) sample tracking
  •  High-quality raw data (in FASTQ format) and application-specific bioinformatics analysis files provided through our secure data server
  •  Sample multiplexing using validated indices to lower costs
  •  Fast turnaround time
  •  Knowledgeable technical assistance
Bioinformatics Analysis:
  •  De novo assembly
  •  Reference mapping
  •  Variant detection