96-Well PCR Purification & Sequencing:
Sample Submission


Please note:
This service can also be ordered for smaller sample sets (as long as submitted in plate-format!). In this case, the full plate price will have to be charged as our automated procedure requires the same amount of reagents and instrument time for both partial and full 96-well plates.

Sample Preparation:

  • Unpurified PCR reactions MUST be submitted in a sturdy, half-skirted 0.2 ml 96-well plate.
    Plates can be purchased from USA Scientific (TempPlate semi-skirted 96-well PCR plate; Item No.: 1402-9700).

  • Each well of the plate MUST contain 10 ul of sample.

  • Please arrange your samples horizontally (in rows) in the PCR plate. Proceed from well A1 to A12, from B1 to B12, from C1 to C12, etc.

  • Please do not leave any empty wells between samples, and please do not leave any empty spaces between samples on the order form.

  • The order form must match the order and position of samples in the PCR plate.

  • Please label the plate as clearly as possible with the barcode number.

  • Tightly seal your plate(s) with an adhesive tape/foil to prevent samples from drying and/or cross-contamination.

  • For each 96-well plate containing unpurified PCR reactions, please submit a separate tube containing 400 µl of the appropriate sequencing primer (1.5-3.0 µM ).
    Please note: If you are planning to submit multiple sequencing primers with your plate of unpurified PCR reactions, please arrange your primer set in a separate 96-well PCR plate (at least 10 µl of a 1.5-3.0 µM primer solution). Well positions of primers must match the well positions of your PCR reactions.

    *Primer Concentration:
    Compared to our old webpage where we have specified the mass concentration of the primer solution, we are now using the corresponding molar concentration. We have not changed the sample preparation requirements! For a sequencing primer with a length of 20 bases, a molar concentration of 1.5 µM (1.5 pmole/µl) corresponds to a mass concentration of 10 ng/µl.

  • To order this service, please review the submission guidelines described above and proceed to the ONLINE ORDERING button on this page. Include a printed copy of the barcoded order form with your sample submission.


Sample Shipment:

Please submit your samples, including a hard copy of the completed order form, by using one of our remote dropboxes (please see here) or by delivering it personally to our core facility.

If remote or direct sample drop-off should not be an option for you, please ship your samples, including a hard copy of the completed order form, via a courier delivery service of your choice (for example, overnight shipment via FEDEX, UPS, etc.) to our core facility. Samples can be shipped at ambient temperature.

Shipping 96-well Plates:

Samples should be arrayed in a 96-well (semi-skirted or skirted) plate. To prevent sample loss and/or cross contamination, we recommend tightly sealing all wells of the plate with Microtube Caps. PCR Tube Strip Flat Caps (Eppendorf cat# 0030124847 or VWR cat# 75874-710) work well for most plates. Our everyday experience tells us that plate foils/plastic seals can partially lift off or even entirely detach during transit dependent on the shipping conditions (heat, air pressure, humidity, etc.). Please place your plate in a corrugated box for maximum protection.

Shipping Address:

MGH CCIB DNA Core Facility
38 Sidney Street, Suite 100
Cambridge, MA 02139

IMPORTANT: Please note that we are not receiving samples on Saturdays and Sundays or on official holidays.