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DNA Synthesis


The Oligonucleotide Synthesis division of the CCIB DNA Core provides investigators with custom oligonucleotides for use in a wide range of genetics applications including DNA sequencing, PCR, cDNA synthesis, hybridization, and in vitro mutagenesis. In continuous operation since 1996, our division is committed to supplying the greater Mass General Brigham (MGB) research community as well as non-MGB research organizations with high-quality products at low cost and with rapid turnaround time.


Service Description

    • Utilizing a Bioautomation MerMade 384, our core facility is capable of synthesizing up to 192 oligonucleotides per day.

    • Custom oligonucleotides of up to 75 nucleobases in length (in tube-format) are available at two synthesis scales, 50 nmole and 200 nmole.

    • Modified oligonucleotides (including 5' phosphorylation, biotinylation, fluorescent label, degenerate position) are available upon request.

    • Oligonucleotides are provided deprotected and suspended in sterile nuclease-free water. Upon special request, deprotected oligonucleotides can be provided in lyophilized form.

    • Desalting (cartridge purification) is available as an add-on service but is not necessary for applications such as Sanger DNA Sequencing and PCR.

    • All oligonucleotides are quantitated via UV absorption to verify successful synthesis and to determine the exact yield.

    • For each oligonucleotide, a specification summary (with sequence, Tm, molecular weight, yield, resuspension volume) is provided and can be downloaded via our website.

    • Turnaround time for all standard orders is usually 24 hours, i.e. oligonucleotides are available on the next business day.

    • We offer a convenient and free delivery service to our remote drop-box locations (via Courier or core personnel). Oligonucleotides can also be picked up directly at our facility.

    • Consistency of yield and quality is monitored by routine yield determination via UV absorption measurement and by submitting random samples for CE and/or mass spectroscopy performed at a trusted third-party vendor.

    • In the event of equipment malfunction, shortage of chemical reagents, or staffing limitations due to holidays, the DNA Synthesis division has established contracts with a third-party vendor to fulfill our customers’ oligonucleotide orders (including free shipment to our facility). In these cases, the end user will not see any increases in the core’s standard pricing structures.

    For the synthesis and purification of long oligonucleotides (> 75 b), the CCIB DNA Core has partnered with a trusted third-party vendor.

    Your Benefits include:

    • Convenient ordering through our core's ordering portal
    • Discounted pricing from third-party vendor's price
    • No shipping costs

    Note: Upon arrival at our core facility, vendor shipments will be delivered by our courier service to the requested pick-up location.

    DNA Synthesis Services

For detailed service specifications, please refer to the appropriate link.

    Capital Equipment

    Bioautomation MerMade 384 Well DNA/RNA Synthesizer (1)