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DNA Synthesis: Custom Oligonucleotides


Take advantage of our experience! Our qualified DNA Synthesis team has been operating for more than 18 years and can fully leverage its special expertise in the synthesis of custom DNA oligonucleotides. We are employing a synthesizer from a leading manufacturer, we have optimized the synthesis cycles, we use high concentrations of building blocks, and we are working with high quality chemicals from selected suppliers. Our products are routinely used for in-house applications such as DNA sequencing, PCR, hybridization, cDNA synthesis, and in vitro mutagenesis.

We offer the following oligonucleotide synthesis service options:

Standard DNA Oligonucleotides

Synthesis Scale Oligonucleotide Length Provider
50 nmole 3-75 bases CCIB DNA Core
200 nmole 3-75 bases CCIB DNA Core
100 nmole 76-90 bases outsourced
250 nmole 91-100 bases outsourced
For > 100 bases, please inquire!

Please note:
To fulfill the increasing demand for our DNA synthesis services while maintaining our rapid turnaround for our standard products, we are providing very long oligonucleotides (including PAGE purification option; see here) through our partnership with IDT. All oligonucleotides are discounted from IDT’s list price and receive free shipping to our core facility.


Modified DNA Oligonucleotides

Modification Synthesis Scale Oligonucleotide Length
5' Biotin 50 nmole, 200 nmole 3-75 bases
5' 6FAM 50 nmole, 200 nmole 3-75 bases
5' HEX 50 nmole, 200 nmole 3-75 bases
5' Phosphorylation 50 nmole, 200 nmole 3-75 bases
For other modifications, please inquire!


Degenerate DNA Oligonucleotides

Our team offers the synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides with equimolar mixtures of two or more different bases at a given position within the sequence. Synthesis scales of 50 nmole and 200 nmole are available. No extra charges apply.


Contact us! Please let us know what your individual research needs are. We can accommodate special requests that might not be explicitly listed here. We also offer free technical assistance to help you make the best choice for your specific application.

For a brief introduction of our DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis unit and an overview of our products and services, please see here.