Mouse Genotyping: Sample Submission


Mouse Genotyping Service Set-Up:

Prior to the submission of regular genotyping orders to our core facility, first-time users of this service need to transfer their validated PCR-based assay protocol(s) to us. Our Mouse Genotyping team will test the user-validated assays with appropriate controls (i.e. user-provided control biopsies) to ensure result replication and will further optimize the assay(s) for execution in our facility as needed.

Please note: All new genotyping assays must undergo this step.The initial transfer of PCR-based genotyping assays is provided at no extra cost for the customer!

For initiating your genotyping assay transfer, please contact us.
Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • PCR conditions
  • Primers (stock solutions)
  • Expected amplicon sizes (for both homozygous and heterozygous genotypes, for transgenic lines)
  • Agarose gel image of proven PCR reaction(s)
  • Control biopsies
    (Control biopsy requirements are different for mouse lines bearing targeted mutations and for transgenic mouse lines)

Sample Preparation:

Tail biopsies must be between 5 mm and 10 mm in length and placed in capped 12-strip microtubes.
We recommend the use of the following:


  • Axygen 12-Tube Strips (MTS-11-12-C-R), 1.1 mL, 8/Rack, 10 Racks/Pack (VWR #89005-574)


  • Axygen 12-Cap Strips (MTS-12CP-C), 80/Pack (VWR #89005-728)

Please note: Our standardized workflow cannot accept samples that do not conform to the required biopsy length and/or tube format.

PCR-based genotyping is sensitive, and a small amount of tissue contamination may lead to a false positive result. It is therefore imperative that scissors or razors be thoroughly washed with plenty of water and wiped-dry with ethanol between each tail snip to avoid potential cross-contamination.

Clearly label each microtube on the side and fill out the Mouse Genotyping submission form accordingly. The Sample ID in the submission form MUST match the label on the side of the microtube. The Sample ID/label MUST be unique for each sample in order to avoid ambiguity.

Capped microtubes may be placed in a small Ziploc plastic bag. Write "Genotyping - Store at -20°C" on the Ziploc plastic bag to ensure storage under proper conditions once samples are received by the core facility. For high-volume genotyping orders, we prefer to receive the microtubes in a blue 96-well rack.

Place your Mouse Genotyping Order through our web page and include a printed copy of the order form with your sample submission.

PCR Primers:

With your first regular order, please submit the corresponding PCR primers to the core facility. We will send you an email notification immediately after the initial service setup.

Sample Shipment:

We are currently processing Mouse tail clips once a week, beginning each Monday at 1:00 PM. Samples received after 1:00 PM on Monday will be stored and processed the following Monday.

Please submit your sample(s), including a hard copy of the completed order form, by using one of our remote dropboxes (please see here) or by delivering it personally to our core facility.

Alternatively, samples may be shipped on dry ice to the core facility, using a courier delivery service of your choice (for example, overnight service option of FEDEX, UPS, etc.). Please include a hard copy of the completed order form.

Shipping Address:

MGH CCIB DNA Core Facility
38 Sidney Street, Suite 100
Cambridge, MA 02139

IMPORTANT: Please note that we are not receiving samples on Saturdays and Sundays or on official holidays.