Supporting Sequencing Services


In support of our customers' sequencing projects, the CCIB DNA Core offers additional cost-effective services with fast turnaround:

96-Well PCR Product Purification

To accommodate the submission of unpurified PCR products for sequencing purposes, the sequencing group offers a fully automated magnetic bead-based PCR cleanup in 96-well format. In addition to the plate(s) with PCR reactions, users have to submit a separate tube or plate with the desired sequencing primer(s). Our Sequencing group will add the sequencing primer(s) to the purified and normalized templates and immediately proceed with the sequencing service.

This service can also be ordered for smaller sample sets (as long as submitted in plate-format!). In this case, the full plate price will have to be charged as our automated procedure requires the same amount of reagents and instrument time for both partial and full 96-well plates.

To order this service, please review the submission guidelines and proceed to the ONLINE ORDERING button on this page.

96-Well Plasmid DNA Preparation

For researchers who prefer to submit plasmid clones (in the form of bacterial cell pellets) instead of purified plasmid DNA, we offer a cost-effective 96-well Plasmid Preparation service with fast turnaround. Samples will be processed within 24 hours upon arrival at the facility; the plate(s) with the purified templates will be immediately handed over to our Sequencing unit and entered into the queue.
Please note: Users have the option to order our 96-Well Plasmid DNA Preparation service also as a stand-alone service.

For more details about this service and/or to order this service, please refer to our Laboratory Automation section.