Mouse Genotyping
Dead Mouse

Our Laboratory Automation group provides a fast, accurate and reliable service for customized Mouse Genotyping. Since its launch in 2011, we have continuously optimized and further streamlined our PCR-based process by incorporating the use of robotic liquid handling workstations. Our well-established service allows our clients to submit tail biopsies and primers and receive the genotyping results in form of agarose gel images in return. The use of laboratory automation enables us to process a large sample volume in a short period of time and to offer highly competitive pricing.


Key Features

  • Extraction of high-quality DNA from tail clips using our optimum in-house developed method

  • PCR-based genotyping assays

  • Cost-free transfer of customer-validated assay(s) to the Core

    • Investigator provides PCR conditions, PCR primers, positive and negative control tail biopsies,
      expected amplicon sizes, and agarose gel picture of proven PCR reaction.

    • Primers will be maintained for future assays.


  • Online submission and data access

  • Direct email notification upon service completion, including genotyping results (agarose gel image)

  • Weekly processing with fast turnaround (usually 3 days after biopsies have been received)

    • Sample submission on Monday morning (in time for courier pickup)

    • Results available by Thursday evening


  • Free customer services and free technical support

  • Free sample pickup at all remote sample dropoff locations

If you should require any assistance or have questions regarding sample submission and/or assay transfer, please contact us.